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Kanagawaken Nakagun

Oisomachi Oiso 1582

Myorinji Buddhist temple

About Myorinji  Temple

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Just a minute walk from Oiso Beach

Myorinji is a Buddhist temple located in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, with a history of more than 700 years.

The eternal memorial grave "Tensei-byo" is located on the precincts of Myorinji Temple.


There is a free temple yoga lesson for the temple members and the locals. Myorinji has a medical facility attached to the temple that offers low cost treatment.


Myorinji's gate is always open.


You are all welcome.

About Tensei-byo

Eternal memorial grave "Tensei-byo" is located in Myorinji cemetery.

We provide graves for everyone who doesn't have the family grave.

There is no need to change your religion or become a member of the Myorinji temple.

Eternal memorial grave "Tensei-byo" is a final rest place for everyone who wants to rest in peace in Shonan Kanagawa.

Permanent memorial grave start at 100,000 yen


"Tensei-byo" is for the following people

No children or successors

Those who want to have a memorial service, but who have difficulty holding a grave for expenses

Those who have the remains of a loved one but no grave

For those who are thinking about having the grave

Who likes quiet grave, or those who like the sea

Sea burial ceremony for 50,000yen

In recent years, those who do not have family graves and wish for sea burial are increasing.

However, it is said that some of the bereaved families feel lonely and guilty after doing sea burial as the deceased wanted.

For such people, the head priest of the  Myorinji, who is also a first-class marine pilot, steers the ship himself and performs sea burial with the Buddhist memorial service.


Myorinji has hundreds of years of sea burial history since the temple is just a minute from the Oiso beach.

The sea burial is carried out in Chigasaki Shonan, a point more than 3 nautical miles (6 km) from the land, and in an area away from the fishery and aquaculture area in the direction of "Eboshiiwa" seen from Chigasaki "Southern Beach".

After the sea burial, the “Eboshiiwa” replaces the monument of the deceased.

If you can not bring your ashes to us, you can  send  it to us

If you live far away or have physical disabilities, such as those who cannot bring your ashes directly to us, we will take care of your ashes by "Sokotsu" the bone transfer.

After applying through the internet, you will receive a bone transfer set from Myorinji.

You can put your remains in the bone transfer box and mail it to us.

All bone transfer costs are included in the fee. We accept ashes from the whole country by mail.

A funeral ceremony, cremation, graves  for animals

Pets and animals who live with us are members of an important family.


We believes that a funeral ceremony is necessary for the departure of pets.

It's not only for pets ... but also for the bereaved.

"Myorinji Pet Funeral" is dedicated to helping a pet who has been an important family member set off.

The head priest of the Myorinji

Riju Kumazawa

Riju spent in the United States since childhood because of the father's overseas missionary work.

Studied in medical school in United States and in China. Riju got a medical license and  is currently active as a healthcare professional involved in emergency care for trauma and other injuries.

Riju became a priest because the father who was the head priest of the Myorinji passed away.

Riju is a master of the Shomyo, Shuho, and the Gagaku. Riju is also a teacher in priest schools. 

The head priest of the Myorinji
Oiso Town Buddhist Association Chairman
Nichiren sect. Kanagawa Association Counselor
Nichiren sect  Shingyo Dojo Priest school Educational Supervisor
Saijo Inari Kenshukai priest
Myorinji Medical Center CEO

Jiin Kakumei (Temple Revolution) CEO

Myorinji Records CEO

Myorinji publishing CEO

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Kanagawaken Nakagun Oisomachi Oiso 1582

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TEL 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899

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